cleansing water 150ml / 2,900yen+tax

cleansing water

A Gel type cleansing water.
The thick gel spreads like water on the skin and blends well with makeup.
AIRARE cleansing water is formulated about 93%* of beauty ingredients, cleansing like a lotion, so dirt is gently washed off.
This formulation is also aimed for the people who does not apply make-up.
Pleasant scent of Citrus woody.
*Including moisturizer, skin conditioning agent, oil, water, and antioxidant in beauty ingredients.

washing cream 80g / 2,900yen+tax

washing cream

AIRARE washing cream with elastic dense whip foam, freshly cleanse off dirt or dead skin cells of the pores.
Combined with "charcoal" that firmly adsorbs dirt. Citrus woody scent will be fragrant with whip foam.
*Scrubbing agent

lotion 100ml / 3,000yen+tax


AIRARE lotion will give moisturization and transparency *1 to people whose skin are roughness, dullness or lacking moisturization.
Lightweight texture meant “permeating*2 hydration.” White tea extract*3 and the moisturizing ingredients that keep healthier skin, approach to the skin roughness or dullness caused lacking moisturization.
If your skin is craving extra hydration, layer this lightweight texture lotion by re-applying.
Get fully moisturizing skin, first.
*1 Smoothing skin condition by moisturizing.
*2 Up to the stratum corneum
*3 Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Moisturizing ingredient)

essence 20ml / 3,800yen+tax


Gel type of essence.
The lightweight texture lightly spreads onto the face and easily permeate*1 to the skin.
Formulated collagen “Succinoyl Atelo collagen*2” and "Snow fungus polysaccharide*2" which is derived from white fungus, are also included, these bring out a natural moisturization 1 and lead to the moisturized healthier skin from inside*1 .
*1 Up to the stratum corneum *2 Moisturizing ingredient

milk 100ml / 3,000yen+tax


Apply after skin toning with AIRARE lotion or AIRARE essence.
Recommended for people who prefer lightweight texture, without sticking feeling.
Keep moisturization onto face by formulating moisturizing ingredients and Squalane which is extracted from plantation.
A Nickel coin-size amount per each use.

pack 40g / 3,700yen+tax


A paste type of rinse-off facial pack for dullness that
caused of lacking moisturization.
Combined moisturizing ingredients such as absorbing Hyaluronic acid (Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate)
and 3 kinds of Ceramide*1 that work differently.
Adjust the skin condition by permeating*2 moisturizing and beauty ingredients in short time, that lead to a transparency*3 and moisturizer skin after rinsed.
Enjoy the pack time with pleasant scent, Citrus Woody.
*1 Moisturizing ingredient.
*2 Up to the stratum corneum
*3 Smoothing skin condition by moisturizing.